Karmic Relationships (Astrology)

“Rinanubandhana” is a term used in spirituality which refers to the genetic (past life) memory and memory of intimate physical connect. It is this memory which is said to bind a parent and children, a husband and wife or any other intimate relationships.
Summarizing all this, the Rinanubandhana can be in the form of positive credit or a negative debt.
According to astrology, we learn from Rahu what our weaknesses are and, from Ketu, we learn how our strengths have been developed and accumulated since previous-birth. The “Karmic Relationships” between two people is judged by Astrology and is understood.
Each person is bound to his or her own work, according to the position of “Rahu” (North Node) and, according to the position of “Ketu” (South Node). Relationships are between them.
In astrology the previous-birth action from the horoscope is a sign of judgment; –

  1. From all the auspicious yogas that are added to the birth-horoscope of the Jataka / Jatika, the instruction of the initiated action will be found. In addition, the time of birth, the birth sign or the moon and the birth star must be well analyzed.
  2. First of all, the position of the debilitated planet, that is, the house lord of the debilitated house, has to be judged and the way in which the debilitated planet is located has to be seen.
  3. Fifth bhabha and Panchamadhipati are of utmost importance. Fifthly, the planets that coexist, and the planets that give full vision are specially judged. It is necessary to enjoy the fruits of the initiated deeds, it is not possible to prevent this karma in any way.
  4. If it is seen in the horoscope that the tenth house is inferior and the ninth house is weakened by being seen by the evil planet, then it is indicated that the evil deed or sinful deed was done by the Jataka / Jatika and he / she will do the same in the present birth.
  5. When the second house is afflicted by the influence of an evil planet or a sin planet, it is pointed out that the person born / cheated with many people in the previous birth. As a result of this deception, he will do the same in the present life, and he will take refuge in many lies in the present birth.
    In fact, we are responsible for our own misfortunes. We give priority only to our own personal well-being. Our ego controls our mind, heart and life as a whole. Only when we learn from this deep selfishness to a little selflessness will our good fortune arise through self-sacrifice.

In a person’s horoscope, Rahu indicates their desire to they want to achieve in life. On the other hand, Ketu indicates what you want to get rid of in life. When Rahu and Ketu unite with certain planets, you will get to know the kind of karmic relationship with a person. Such relationship can be identified through synastry, a comparison between two or more horoscopes in order to determine their relationship or compatibility. The synastry charts of people dear to you can be matched to find out the compatibility. Simply put, the way planets are placed in your horoscope is compared with the way the planets are placed in their horoscopes. For instance, if Ketu is in Cancer sign and the other person’s Ketu is also in the Cancer sign, you will see Ketu synastry.

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