Who will become Millionaire ? (Astrology)

Who possess the yog of becoming ‘crore pati’ / millionare. In this we will discuss various yog which can make you extremely rich. The various listed below are considered, if the Ascendant will ever become ‘crore pati’.

  1. First and foremost comes the Lagna, if the person has got strong Lagna or Ascendant, such Horoscope/Person has got the tremendous opporutnity to fulfill his desires.
  2. Second comes moon. Here you need to understand any thing which the person thinks is related to moon. if the person wishes any thing, if the peson desires any thing, if the person desires for beautiful home, beautiful wife, lots of wealth or becoming ‘crore pati’ [ the term used to become millionare ]. All such desires are linked with moon, moon which means man ( inner heart ). It is this inner heart which desires. So it is very important that the moon is well placed in your horoscope. If the moon is weak in horoscope, such horoscope does not have the capacity to fullfill his desires. So if any yog is being formed with combination of moon, and is giving tremendous power to moon, such horoscope has the power of becoming crorepati.
  3. After the Lagna and moon, we also need to consider the important house which basically represents wealth in chart. The second house represents possession of wealth. Second house should not be seen by any of the planets like rahu, ketu, mars, saturn or sun. It must be seen by Jupiter. Here point is worth mentioning that Jupiter is the biggest planet of Universe. Its aspect is extremely effective for any house. Jupiter is also known as Guru. If it aspects the second house, it is said that “House is blessed with Guru” or “House is blessed with Teacher”.
  4. After Lagna, Moon and second house , then it comes house of earning, eleventh House. Eleventh house represents what ever the person will earn in his life time. So if lord of eleventh house is in Lagna or second house or ninth house it is considered as positive sign for becoming millionaire.

Published by BIOS2018

I, Dr. Asis Kumar Ray, founder President of Bengal Institute of Oriental Studies.

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