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Rahu, Ketu & DNA

In Indian Vedic Astrology Rahu-Ketu as ‘Graha’ (planets) play big role. These planets has no physical existence but cosmic vibration of these planets can be seen in our day to day.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu indicate the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. That is why Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

These are imaginary point from which we receive sensitive rays (like UV rays and IR rays) due to gravitation of the earth. These rays will have certain impact on the people living in earth.

Rahu is also a karaka graha (planet) for strategies and politics. Rahu governs the south-west direction in your house.The South-west is the strongest direction in the plot as it stores magnetic energies flowing in from the North-east.

Rahu is male and a favourable graha (planet) for Politicians.
It gives them great opportunities and powers to rise in politics.
Rahu is karaka for knowledge, speech, foreign travel, telecommunications, computers, work related to electronics, shipping, piloting, journeys abroad, poisonous medicine, genetic and hereditary diseases disease, risks, research and new inventions.

Rahu and Ketu move retrograde. Rahu Element is Air and Ketu Element is Earth.

Rahu and Ketu are always associated our family Genes.

One of the most scientific and logical imagination of Hindu Dharma is the concept of ‘karma’ theory. Karma theory is not a fanciful imagination. Many researches have proved its validity.

Basically it is said that our family karma are passed on to us in DNAs we obtain from our maternal and paternal families.

Rahu shows the Father side whereas Ketu shows Mother side DNAs. Also Rahu is associated with Paternal Grand Parents and Ketu with Maternal Grand Parents.
Even science now says that kids get the properties from Parents and past generations.

Many genetic & hereditary diseases has direct connection with Rahu.

Rahu and Ketu contains the secrets of past lives, family history and related Karmas in form of DNA

If we draw the full path of Rahu and Ketu we get something which looks very similar to DNA threads intermingled.

Also we know that Sun and Moon create the Rahu and Ketu, much like how DNAs are passed from parents to child.

Dhan Yoga or Laxmi Yoga (Astrology):

Dhan Yoga or Laxmi Yoga are quite important from an Astrological point of view in order to provide a person with wealth and fame. Dhan yoga in a Janma Lagna or Chandra kundali are formed if the lord of the second house is in the eleventh house or the lord of the eleventh house is in the second house or if the lord of the second house and the lord of the eleventh house are both aspected by the lord of the ninth house.

The position of Venus in the second house is considered to be very important for Dhan yoga. A person lives like a king if Venus is in the second house, Jupiter is in the seventh house and the lord of the fourth house is in the fourth house. With this yoga, a person lives a rich life and own a lot of wealth even if he is born in a middle class family. An average person also excels with the presence of this Yoga.

Dhan Yoga for Aries ascendant:
Dhan Yoga is formed when Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in the fifth house. Dan Yoga is also formed when Sun is in the fifth house and Jupiter is in the eleventh house.

Dhan Yoga for Taurus ascendant:
A sudden Dhan Yoga is formed if Venus is in Gemini / Virgo, Mercury is in Pisces / Virgo (or, Griha Vinimoy Yoga between Venus & Mercury) and Jupiter is in the center (Kendra) house. A person earns a lot of wealth and property if Saturn and / or Mercury are in the second house or fifth / eleventh house and in Gemini / Virgo sign.

Dhan Yoga for Gemini ascendant:
If Mercury and Saturn inter-change their places in the ninth house, a good Dhan yoga is formed. An exalted Moon gives benefits related to paternal property.

Dhan Yoga for Cancer ascendant:
A person is wealthy if Venus is in the second or twelfth house of a Kundali. If Jupiter is in an enemy house and is inter-changing places with Ketu, the person receives a lot of money and fame.

Dhan Yoga for Leo ascendant:
A person earns a lot of money through business if Venus and Moon are strong in a Navansh Kundali. A person also earns good money if Venus is strong and is in the fourth house with Mars.

Dhan Yoga for Virgo ascendant:
If Venus and Ketu are in the second house, a person suddenly earns a lot of money. A person has a lot of property if Moon is in a house related to Karma, Mercury is in the ascendant and Venus is in the second house.

Dhan Yoga for Libra ascendant:
A person earns a lot of money if Venus and Ketu are in the second house of a Kundali. A person also has a lot of money if Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rahu are in the twelfth house.

Dhan Yoga for Scorpio ascendant:
A person becomes a millionaire when Mercury and Jupiter are in the fifth house and Moon is in the eleventh house. The person is rich and fortunate if Moon, Jupiter and Ketu are in the tenth house.

Dhan Yoga for Sagittarius ascendant:
A person receives a lot of wealth if Moon is in the eighth house and Sun, Venus and Saturn are in Cancer sign. A person also gets a lot of money if Jupiter and Mercury are in ascendant, Sun and Venus are in the second house, Mars and Rahu are in the sixth house.

Dhan Yoga for Capricorn ascendant:
A person is rich if Moon and Mars are in the center or triad houses. A person becomes a millionaire if the Lord of the house related to wealth is in Libra sign and Mars is exalted.

Dhan Yoga for Aquarius ascendant:
If Moon and Saturn interchange places in the tenth house, a person becomes rich. If Saturn is in the ascendant and Mars is in the sixth house, a person receives wealth and fame.

Dhan Yoga for Pisces ascendant:
A person earns some good money if Moon is in the second and Mars is in the fifth house of a Kundali. A person earns a lot of money if Jupiter is in sixth house, Venus is in eighth house, Saturn is in twelfth house and Moon is in eleventh house.

Other Dhan Yoga
Some other Dhan Yoga are formed in the following way :-

Mercury in Aries or Cancer sign makes a person rich. If Jupiter is in the ninth or eleventh and Sun is in the fifth house, a person becomes rich.
A person earns a lot of money when Moon and Jupiter or Moon and Venus are in the fifth house.
If Sun is in the sixth or eleventh house, a person earns a lot of money.
A person becomes very rich if Mars or Saturn is in the seventh house, or if Saturn or Mars or Rahu is in the eleventh house.
A person receives a lot of paternal wealth if Mars is in the fourth house, Sun is in the fifth house and Jupiter is in the eleventh or fifth house.
Panch Mahapurush Yoga
This Yoga is formed when Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn is in the center house and is exalted or in mooltrikon sign. This yoga brings wealth and fame. Such a person is blessed by Goddess Laxmi.

Amla Yoga:
This Yoga is formed when an auspicious planet is placed in the tenth house from the ascendant or Moon. It is believed that a person with this Yoga may belong to a middle class or poor family, but earns a lot of money and fame in his life.

Akhand Samrajya Yoga:
This Yoga is formed when Jupiter is the Lord of the eleventh house and the Lord of the second house or the Lord of the ninth house is in the center house from the Moon. This is an extremely auspicious Yoga which provides a person with immense wealth and fame.

Laxmi Yoga:
This Yoga is formed when the Lord of the ninth house, the Lord of the ascendant and the Lord of the fifth house interchange places. A person with this yoga is blessed by Goddess Laxmi.

Gajkesari Yoga:
This Yoga is formed when Jupiter is in the center from the Moon. This yoga is considered to be extremely auspicious when it is formed in the center houses. This yoga provides a person with immense wealth, respect and a high place in the society.

Who will become Millionaire ? (Astrology)

Who possess the yog of becoming ‘crore pati’ / millionare. In this we will discuss various yog which can make you extremely rich. The various listed below are considered, if the Ascendant will ever become ‘crore pati’.

  1. First and foremost comes the Lagna, if the person has got strong Lagna or Ascendant, such Horoscope/Person has got the tremendous opporutnity to fulfill his desires.
  2. Second comes moon. Here you need to understand any thing which the person thinks is related to moon. if the person wishes any thing, if the peson desires any thing, if the person desires for beautiful home, beautiful wife, lots of wealth or becoming ‘crore pati’ [ the term used to become millionare ]. All such desires are linked with moon, moon which means man ( inner heart ). It is this inner heart which desires. So it is very important that the moon is well placed in your horoscope. If the moon is weak in horoscope, such horoscope does not have the capacity to fullfill his desires. So if any yog is being formed with combination of moon, and is giving tremendous power to moon, such horoscope has the power of becoming crorepati.
  3. After the Lagna and moon, we also need to consider the important house which basically represents wealth in chart. The second house represents possession of wealth. Second house should not be seen by any of the planets like rahu, ketu, mars, saturn or sun. It must be seen by Jupiter. Here point is worth mentioning that Jupiter is the biggest planet of Universe. Its aspect is extremely effective for any house. Jupiter is also known as Guru. If it aspects the second house, it is said that “House is blessed with Guru” or “House is blessed with Teacher”.
  4. After Lagna, Moon and second house , then it comes house of earning, eleventh House. Eleventh house represents what ever the person will earn in his life time. So if lord of eleventh house is in Lagna or second house or ninth house it is considered as positive sign for becoming millionaire.

The Secret of Randhra-sthana / Mrityu-bhava (8th house):

Opening, Portal, Sacrifice, Sacred Transformations, Sandhi, Revival, Rejuvenation, Recycling, Renovation, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renaissance, Resurrection, Rediscovery, cycles of self-destruction + rebirth, “The opposite of Samsara (the cycle of suffering) is when all the walls fall down, when the cocoon completely disappears and we are totally open to whatever may happen, with no withdrawing, no centralizing into ourselves.
That is what we aspire to, the warrior’s journey.

Leaping, being thrown out of the nest, going through the initiation rites, growing up, stepping into something that’s uncertain and unknown”.

Turning of the Wheel of Death and Rebirth, Secret knowledge and the conditions of death, hidden treasure, Non-transparent, non-accountable activities, the Tantrik sciences of penetration and effect of invisible forces (surgical medicine, homeopathy, psychic demand for re-birth. Millennial cycles of death-and-rebirth, knowledge of transformative process, Healing, confidential information, secrets, destruction and rebirth, Secrets, life-span, emergencies, undisclosed sexuality, circumstances of Light-body Lift-off, healing, death of spouse or unexpected divorce , inheritance, insurance, Tantra, sudden forced changes, hidden things, mysteries, confidences, “Randhra Bhava indicates longevity, battle, enemies, forts, wealth of the dead, and things that have happened and are to happen (in the past and future births) and accidents.” – BPHS/Ch11/Shloka9.

Cycles of destruction and rebirth. The FORM of the essence of the house is systematically replaced. These cycles operate continuously during the lifetime.
It is essential to appreciate that Randhrabhava = Death and Rebirth!
Under the influence of randhra apertures openings, the cycle typically involves destruction of previous life-force container and rebirth of the life force (soul essence) into a new container.

The nature of the shock can be characterized by the Graha and its lordships, significations, and other qualities. Each recurrence of the period of the randhresha – 8th may be defined by the angle of the randhresha – 8 to the mahadasha pati / Lord.

If the native is scheduled for a mahadasha of the randhresha-8th , the very first double bhukti is particularly distinguished by several emergencies. Also, the angle of the randhresha-8th relative to Chandra lagna is very influential in determining one’s emotional response to life path shocks.

Ultimately there is nothing to fear and no justification for anxiety in anticipation of Vimshottari bhukti of randhresha-8 . The experience is determined almost entirely by how one reacts to sudden, unpredictable emergence of previously hidden force and the subsequent demand to re-invent, re-generate, and re-new the identity.
The perception of suddenness occurs when the native is unprepared or unguided during the event.

The perception of sudden or shocking transformation may be converted into the perception of knowledgeable observance of the changes. This perceptual conversion is available through many varieties of Tantric education.

Tantra is the practice of perceptual transformation. Tantric education includes training in emergency medicine, trauma response, forensic science, midwifery, psychiatry, and Tantrik healing. There are also many other disciplines that specialize in tracking the movement of energy from One material form into another material form,
there are many ways to manage human response to the turning of the wheel of birth and death. Matters of bhava-8 are inherently hidden from public view, but matters of bhava-8 are not inherently dangerous or frightening.

The proper perspective on matters of bhava-8 is focused awareness and cautious intervention from a foundation of both Instinct and Skill.


Bengal Institute of Oriental Studies (BIOS), Kolkata 700104.

India is one of the ancient civilizations of the world with its history going back as far as Indus valley civilization. House and family has always been an important part of Indian life, culture and history. House has always been considered as a living being and has been designed as the adobe of Gods. Vastu Shastra principles which have been developed over the ages were the guiding principles for the construction of house, town planning, temple architecture and sculpturing in India for centuries. Vastu in context of Vastu Shastra means place where immortals and mortals dwell. It has been classified into various elements of nature which are: earth, fire, water, air and sky/space.
British introduced to India new concept of municipal administration and development control regulations (DCR). Over a period of time, the DCR has given an industrial outlook to the city rather than individual and regional characteristics of the Vastu Shastra. These are very fixed rules which had no inclination or consideration towards the climatic, directional, and site characteristics. This paper tries to critically analyse both the approaches and their individual characteristics and tries to evolve a middle path.

India is an ancient civilization which is renowned for the various progresses it has made on various disciplines like: Science, Mathematics, Medicine, architecture and Culture. In each of this area it had established scientific methods of practice like – Ayurveda, yoga, Vastu Shastra, Vedic Mathematics, Astrology etc. These disciplines were conceived and developed on the basis of strong scientific research and patronage of the ancient rulers. These were the some of the factors behind cultural development and economic prosperity along with the fact that India was a very fertile land. Vastu Shastra which is also known as Hindu Architecture is a Sanskrit word. In Sanskrit the word “Vastu” means a building or structure or a dwelling and “Shastra” means science so the expression “Vastu Shastra” is the science of structures/ buildings to prepare fertile ground for seed of life to flower and eternally experience the ‘Sat-Chid-Anand’ (the eternal bliss). The fundamental concept behind Vastu Shastra is that world is made up of five basic elements: Earth, water, fire, air and space and it is purely based on some of the following basic principles of science:
• The gravitational and magnetic force of the earth
• Rotation of the earth on its axis, and the centrifugal and other forces created by its movement.
• Energy is neither created nor destroyed. There is a constant flow of energy.
It’s a vast and highly developed branch of learning. This science basically explains how to achieve harmony between all the five elements so that there is balance between human and nature. It gifts us with a technology to create buildings with regenerative properties of peace, prosperity and love. Vastu Shastra was used even in 6th Century B.C. But the application of Vastu Shastra along with other indigenous traditional methods of construction slowed down after 10th century AD because of increase in foreign invasions to India. And during the British rule in India Vastu Shastra was referred to as inferior to new scientific out look that was brought in.

The origin of Vastu Shastra may have taken place well over thousands of years ago. It’s a part of Vedas which are believed to be 4000 to 5000 year old. The art of Vastu originated in the Stapatya Veda, a part of Attarva Veda. It used to be a purely technical subject and it was confined to architects (Sthapatis). 5000 years ago in Mahabharata, demon Mayan had designed place Maya Sabha as per Vastu Shastra guidelines.

Maya Sabha, Mahabharata Ayodhaya, Ramayana, Vastu finds mention in Ramayana as well. The construction of the holy city of Ayodhya where Lord Ram was born and ruled, shared a similarity with the plan written in the great Vastu architecture text MANASARA. Even in the archaeologically found cites like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro the application of Vastu Shastra can be seen.

Harappan civilization:
Though it’s a known fact that Hindu temples are based on Vastu principles even Buddhist temples and monasteries are based on Vastu. Various Buddhist literatures make numerous mentions of buildings based on Vastu.

Buddhist Vihara:
One can see the application of Vastu Shastra not only in Monasteries ( viharas) and temples but also in buildings which are partly residential and partly religious (Ardhayogas), residential storied buildings (Prasadas), multi storied buildings( Harmyas) and also in residential buildings for middle class people (Guhas). It covers all buildings irrespective of their use: residential, commercial, industries, institutional etc. It deals with the selection of site, orientation and alignment of the buildings. It basically defines the various rules and regulations to ensure a proper flow of energy and to achieve harmony with the surrounding environment. Traditional Vastu Shastra does not usually promote the rectification of buildings but focuses on how to get it right from the beginning.