Legends of Gyanganj

There are many secrets hidden in the high mountains of the Himalayas. Gyanganj Ashram in the Himalayas is known as Shangri-La, Shambhala and Siddhāśrama. It is estimated that everyone’s fate is decided here. No one knows the exact location of this place located in the Himalayas. This place is famous not only in India but also in Tibet.

Only perfect men can go here. It is not possible for the common man to go here. No one dies in Gyanganj. The monks living here do not age. The monk who has stopped during this ashram is engrossed in meditation. Surprisingly, this place is not even seen on satellites. This place is not for any particular religion or culture. James Hilton’s book ‘Lost Horizon’, Shangri-La about the ‘Lost Kingdom’ mentions this place. Gyanganj is also mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Here it is called Siddhāśrama.

Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha came to know about Kalachakra at the last time of his life. Among the people he gave knowledge of was King Suchandra (Tib. Dawa Sangpo). When he returned to his kingdom with this knowledge, this place was known as Shambhala in Tibet. This place is the center of spiritual power.

According to modern science, old age is a disease. Scientists from countries like France, Germany, Britain, the US, Russia, long studies have shown that if new cells are built in the body and organs are always healthy, people can live for up to 1000 years. Yogis from Gyanganj can control your emotions by knowledge of Yoga. This Yoga can also control the body’s hormones.

In this book you will find out all the mysterious facts about Siddhāśrama’s yoga practice and solar science.

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Published by BIOS2018

I, Dr. Asis Kumar Ray, founder President of Bengal Institute of Oriental Studies.

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