We organize Annual International Astrologers and Spiritualists Conference. It is open to anyone with only an interest in learning Astrology, Beginners, intermediate, Advanced scholars or Professionals. Our doors and arms are open to anyone who has a minimum knowledge of Astrology and Spirituality or Learners. There will be valuable discourses by learned scholars on Veda, Vedanta, Upanishad, Smriti, Puran, Sanskrit Literature, Jyotish shastra, Vastu shastra, Tantra shastra, Dharma shastra and many more.

Participate in the Conference as Delegate:-

Bengal Institute of Oriental Studies (BIOS) will organize the Annual International Conference on Oriental Studies and Cultural Heritage. Experts, Researchers, students and general people interested in various streams of Oriental Studies are cordially invited to participate in the aforesaid conference as Delegate.
There would be two kinds of delegates for the conference:
1) Residential
2) Non Residential.

Residential Delegate:
The conference committee will arrange for boarding and Lodging for these delegates in Kolkata. There will be nice accommodation to stay and vegetarian food will be provided for all the two days.

Non Residential Delegate:
No boarding and Lodging will be arranged by the conference committee for these delegates. Vegetarian lunch and tea will be available for all the two days of conference at the Venue.

Let’s build something together!

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