Astrology is an ancient subject of established importance in delineating future events of an individual in various aspects of life, particularly family, spousal relationships, sons, daughters, parents, sisters, family status, profession, loss and profits, fiscal status and longevity.

Everyone in this modern world would like the pleasure of knowing what the future holds for them. Astrology serves as a tool for these people to learn about their future based on the science of space and time. It is the study of the planets and stars in relation to the Earth, and their effect on nature through the passage of time.

According to Hindu mythology, the Lord Brahma has created the Universe and has been governing nature and time since creation.

The Vedas refer to Astrology as the “EYE OF THE VEDAS”. It provides illumination into who we are and where we fit into the great cosmic plan of the Universe.

Zodiac is the path along which the Sun appears to move, an Ecliptic, Zodiac is an imaginary broad belt extending 90 degrees North and South from the Ecliptic. All other planets confine their lateral movements to this Zodiac path. The Zodiac comprises of 360 degrees and it is divided into 12 signs (houses). The Moon crosses the ecliptic at two points – the north point is known as Rahu and the south point is known as Ketu.

Astrology is connected with Karma Theory. If one does good deeds in the last birth, he or she enjoys good things in their current life. On the other hand, if we did bad things in our past life, then we come across difficulties during this lifespan.

The Astro chart (Janam Kundali or Horoscope) is known as “MAP OF ONE’S KARMA”. It reveals the past, present and future events of the owner of the astro-chart.

Astrology is a gift to humanity from God to know one’s Karma. Astrologers predict people’s Karma and suggest ways to rescue one from the difficulties that may arise. Astrology is very useful in the current world.

For this purpose, BIOS has begun the following courses:

1. Certificate course

2. Diploma course

3. Bachelor Degree course

4. Master Degree course

5. M.Phil.

6. Ph.D

Subject Details:-

We also offer other oriental subjects:

  1. Sanskrit Vyakaran
  2. Sanskrit language
  3. Jyotish
  4. Smriti Shastra
  5. Vastu Shastra
  6. Nabya Nyaya
  7. Prachin Nyaya
  8. Philosophy
  9. Psychology
  10. Para-Psychology
  11. Yoga Shastra
  12. Tantra Sadhana (Agam Shastra)
  13. Pourohitya course (Priesthood)
  14. Usui Reiki courses – Level-I, Level-II, Level-III & Usui Reiki Master’s course
  15. Counselling Skills
  16. Beauty Culture and Hair Dressing
  17. Gems and Jewellery – Gemologist Diploma Course
  18. Home Decoration and Art-Jewellery
  19. Handloom and Handicraft
  20. Jute Sector (Jute Products)
  21. Garments making
  22. Informal Sector (Beautician and domestic help)
  23. Fabric
  24. Repair of Consumer Electronics
  25. Electrical
  26. Kalachakra (Wheel of Time)
  27. Financial Astrology
  28. Honorary Doctorate in Tantra Spiritualist’s Activities (Hon. D.Ts.)

The Fee structure

We offered Regular Classes, Correspondence Courses (distant education) and Online Classes.

N.B.: The candidates who have cleared BIOS BET (or Annual Examination) as per the minimum qualifying marks, i.e., 50% for General and 45% for Reserved Category shall be declared ‘Pass’ in the BIOS BET (Annual) exam.

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