Stock Market Astrology

Become a Financial Astrologer.

A Comprehensive Online-Study Course.

Some of Astrologers were active traders who were concerned about what it would take to add a competitive edge to their trading methodology. They had heard about financial astrology and the use of astrology in the markets, and yet they typically had little, if any, working knowledge of astrology itself. In some cases they had actively pursued esoteric studies of various sorts in an effort to decipher the natural harmony of the markets, so their interest in becoming astro-traders was quite keen. But whether or not they had any background in astrology at all, they came to the study of stock market astrology primarily as a way of achieving greater trading profitability.
While these traders often lacked astrological knowledge, the amateur and professional astrologers who had come to me to learn more about the application of astrology in the markets brought with them a different set of questions and a different base of background knowledge. In many cases, these individuals from the astrological community were struggling financially. They were looking for ways to improve their personal cash flow. They had heard about the profits that could be made in the stock market, and some of them had the notion that applying astrology to the markets could potentially give them a financial advantage.

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