Publications and Research Journal; Title Name in Bengali:- “PRACHYA VIDYAR AALOK” (প্রাচ্য বিদ্যার আলোক).

We publish experimental research article on Jyotirvidya, Yoga and other oriental knowledge. Publish valuable manuscripts on oriental studies. Vedic Jyotish,Vastu Shastra and publish articles on spiritual Yoga therapy.

Journal of Research into Astrology Published by the Bengal Institute of Oriental Studies (BIOS) of India, the journal publishes articles reporting empirical research into Astrology, Vastu and Spirituality, review articles, and those discussing methodological, conceptual and philosophical issues relating to Astrology, to preserve and publish valuable manuscripts on Yoga and oriental subjects.

A Journal of the History of Astrology and Cultural Astronomy Published quarterly and peer-reviewed the journal is devoted to the study of the history of Astrology and Cultural Astronomy.



Horoscope Interpretation, Child Birth Issue & Miscarriage.
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