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Highly merited and distinguished scholars from the length and breadth of the globe will assemble in the conference and deliver brilliant speeches on different aspects of Indian Culture. The most prestigious type of membership is Golden Membership. and recording their opinion on any matter relating to the smooth running and development of the institute. undergoing different courses of studies conducted by the institute and researches on various subjects of oriental Heritage.


Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) membership is our most senior form of organizational membership. It is designed to appeal to those leading multinational enterprises who believe that full implementation and adoption. BIOS is strategically important to the built environment sector and to their own enterprise and wish to play a strategic role in driving forward its implementation.
SAC members will have a direct role in shaping our strategy and helping to determine priorities and focus. They will have a formal role in semi-annual meetings to advise on our standards and compliance programs, managing our position in the industry, gaining engagement for standards development and deployment and on our international chapter strategy.

Eligibility criteria for Golden Membership: 

1. Golden membership will require a minimum of 5 years of experience related to Social Work and / or organizational work.

2. Golden Members must have at least 30 years to 54 years old. 

3. The fees for Golden Membership is Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) only to be paid at a time.  

4. Golden membership is a time-limited membership. 

5. Golden Membership runs for a period of two years.     

Types of Membership

1. Honorary Member:

Any person, whose connection with the Society is deemed to be useful, may with the consent of such person be entitled or selected as Honorary Member of the Society / Trust. Such member shall not, however, be eligible to be member of the Governing Body nor shall be entitled to vote in any meeting of the Society / Trust.

2. General Member:

Any person qualified to be a member and who shall have interest in carrying out the objects of the Society, shall on payment of prescribed General Membership fees may be admitted as General Members of the Society / Trust. The fees for a General Member is Rs. 2,100/- (Two thousand one hundred only) per year. 

3. Donor Member:

Any person, society, association, firm, corporation, company, partnership who makes a donation or gift or property to the execution of the objective / s of the Society / Trust concerned may be entitled as a donor member. Such a member has no limit of donation or time bound. 

4. Life Member:

Any person who makes onetime membership, and, whose membership is valid for the rest of his or her life and does not require periodic renewal. The fees for Life membership is Rs. 5000/- (Five thousand only) to be paid at a time. 

5. Fellow Member:

Any person who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participated in a group organizations) or he / she has connection with so many other societies, associations and whose connection with the society concerned will be fruitful and luminous may be entitled as a fellow Member. The fees for a Fellow Member is Rs.15,000/- (Fifteen thousand only) pre year.  

6. Associate Member:

Any society, association, firm, corporation, company, partnership or person with an intention to execute the objective / s of the said society as a companion or co-worker will be taken as Association Member.

Association membership is a time-limited membership. Associate Membership runs for a period of one year. The fees for a associate Member is Rs.16,000/- (Sixteen thousand only) per year. 

7. Golden Member: 

The most prestigious type of membership is Golden Membership. Golden members will enjoy right of voting and to be elected to the Executive Committee, the privilege of being selected in the Advisory Committee and Special Committees to be formed for the growth and development of the Institute, visiting and inspecting the main office and unit or chapter office and recording their opinion on any matter pertaining to the interest of the Institute, free access to Institute’s library, museum etc., the facility of undergoing researches, the right to recommend two persons to be conferred upon the facility of undergoing researches, or joining the classes run by the institute, to participate in national and international conferences, scope to arrange donation of land, building etc. for the Institute from different benevolent persons, free supply of magazines and bulletins.


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