Kurukshetra War, Tsunami & Earthquake in Dwaraka

The Gregorian Calendar (we used Drik Siddhanta Panjika method) indeed vouches for the Kurukshetra War to have taken place, as it states the beginning of Kali Yuga. Per the Calendar, the event occurred on November 09, 3125 BCE at 08:00:00 AM. Both, the Eastern and Western culture have accepted this date and time to have been the beginning of Kali Yuga and, also the death of Lord Krishna.

Sri Krishna was 6 month elder than Arjuna.

Age of Arjuna & Sri Krishna during Mahabharata War (BCE 3125)

Arjuna & Sri Krishna:- 102 years

Lord Sri Krishna was born on 8th dark night of Bhadra Month, BCE 3227 (Bhadra Krishn Ashtami, BCE 3227).

Arjuna was 6 month younger then God Sri Krishna.

Arjuna was born on Full Moon Day of Falgun Month,

Bheemasen was 1 year and 19 days elder than Arjuna.

Bheemasen was born in Posh Krishn Ekadashi,

Duryodhana was born next day of birth of Bheemasen.

Yuyutsu was born on same day when Duryodhana born. Yuyutsu was son of Sugadha & Dritarashtra.

When Yudhisthira was of age 16 King Pandu died and therefore Kunti came to Hastinapur with her all five sons.

All 05 Pandavas and 101 Kaurava wents to Guru Dron Aacharya to learn Archery.

Guru Dron refuse Karna so he went to God Parashurama to learn Archery.

Pandava and Kaurava lernt archery under Drona for 13 years.

Karna lernt archery under Parashurama for 08 years.

Arjuna defeated King Drupada (King of North Panchala) at age 27 years.

North Panchala King Drupada did Yagnya and from this Yagna first Dhristadhyummn And then Draupadi born young.

Karna married to Vrushali and they had 10 son.

Eldest son was Sudama and youngest son was Vrishketu.

After completing 05 years North Panchala King Drupada arranged Swayamvara of Draupadi.

Arjuna won Swayamvara And married to Draupadi.

All five brothers were in Brahmmin form so no one could identify them and all warrior tried to stop a Brahmmin who won Swayamvara.

Arjuna killed Karna’s 09 years old son Sudama and some soldiers.

Arjuna defeated Karna at that time.

Karna salute to Brahmmin (Arjuna) and told only Indra, Arjuna, and Drona can defeate him (Karna).

After 06 years Yuddhisthira declared King of Indraprashtha.

Yudhisthira ruled 32 years and 02 months in Indraprastha.

Now, game of dice Played two times at interval of four days and Yudhisthira lost his kingdom in this game.

Pandava and Draupadi went to forest for 13 years.

After returning from forest marriage of Abhimanyu and Uttara (daughter of Virata King) happened.

After Arjuna left, Dwarka was submerged in the sea. “The sea, which had been beating against the shores, suddenly broke the boundary that was imposed on it by nature. The sea rushed into the city. It coursed through the streets of the beautiful city. The sea covered up everything in the city. I saw the beautiful buildings becoming submerged one by one. In a matter of a few moments it was all over. The sea had now become as placid as a lake. There was no trace of the city. Dwaraka was just a name; just a memory.”

The incident is described in the Vishnu Purana in much the same manner:
“On the same day that Krishna departed from the earth the powerful dark-bodied Kali Age descended. The oceans rose and submerged the whole of Dwaraka.”
Dwaraka was submerged in the sea. The tsunami waves unleashed by these earthquakes might have been up to 12 meters tall. Dated the undersea finds to around the month of February 3082 BC.

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