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Dhan Yoga or Laxmi Yoga (Astrology):

Dhan Yoga or Laxmi Yoga are quite important from an Astrological point of view in order to provide a person with wealth and fame. Dhan yoga in a Janma Lagna or Chandra kundali are formed if the lord of the second house is in the eleventh house or the lord of the eleventh house isContinue reading “Dhan Yoga or Laxmi Yoga (Astrology):”

Who will become Millionaire ? (Astrology)

Who possess the yog of becoming ‘crore pati’ / millionare. In this we will discuss various yog which can make you extremely rich. The various listed below are considered, if the Ascendant will ever become ‘crore pati’. First and foremost comes the Lagna, if the person has got strong Lagna or Ascendant, such Horoscope/Person hasContinue reading “Who will become Millionaire ? (Astrology)”