The Secret of Randhra-sthana / Mrityu-bhava (8th house):

Opening, Portal, Sacrifice, Sacred Transformations, Sandhi, Revival, Rejuvenation, Recycling, Renovation, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renaissance, Resurrection, Rediscovery, cycles of self-destruction + rebirth, “The opposite of Samsara (the cycle of suffering) is when all the walls fall down, when the cocoon completely disappears and we are totally open to whatever may happen, with no withdrawing, no centralizing into ourselves.
That is what we aspire to, the warrior’s journey.

Leaping, being thrown out of the nest, going through the initiation rites, growing up, stepping into something that’s uncertain and unknown”.

Turning of the Wheel of Death and Rebirth, Secret knowledge and the conditions of death, hidden treasure, Non-transparent, non-accountable activities, the Tantrik sciences of penetration and effect of invisible forces (surgical medicine, homeopathy, psychic demand for re-birth. Millennial cycles of death-and-rebirth, knowledge of transformative process, Healing, confidential information, secrets, destruction and rebirth, Secrets, life-span, emergencies, undisclosed sexuality, circumstances of Light-body Lift-off, healing, death of spouse or unexpected divorce , inheritance, insurance, Tantra, sudden forced changes, hidden things, mysteries, confidences, “Randhra Bhava indicates longevity, battle, enemies, forts, wealth of the dead, and things that have happened and are to happen (in the past and future births) and accidents.” – BPHS/Ch11/Shloka9.

Cycles of destruction and rebirth. The FORM of the essence of the house is systematically replaced. These cycles operate continuously during the lifetime.
It is essential to appreciate that Randhrabhava = Death and Rebirth!
Under the influence of randhra apertures openings, the cycle typically involves destruction of previous life-force container and rebirth of the life force (soul essence) into a new container.

The nature of the shock can be characterized by the Graha and its lordships, significations, and other qualities. Each recurrence of the period of the randhresha – 8th may be defined by the angle of the randhresha – 8 to the mahadasha pati / Lord.

If the native is scheduled for a mahadasha of the randhresha-8th , the very first double bhukti is particularly distinguished by several emergencies. Also, the angle of the randhresha-8th relative to Chandra lagna is very influential in determining one’s emotional response to life path shocks.

Ultimately there is nothing to fear and no justification for anxiety in anticipation of Vimshottari bhukti of randhresha-8 . The experience is determined almost entirely by how one reacts to sudden, unpredictable emergence of previously hidden force and the subsequent demand to re-invent, re-generate, and re-new the identity.
The perception of suddenness occurs when the native is unprepared or unguided during the event.

The perception of sudden or shocking transformation may be converted into the perception of knowledgeable observance of the changes. This perceptual conversion is available through many varieties of Tantric education.

Tantra is the practice of perceptual transformation. Tantric education includes training in emergency medicine, trauma response, forensic science, midwifery, psychiatry, and Tantrik healing. There are also many other disciplines that specialize in tracking the movement of energy from One material form into another material form,
there are many ways to manage human response to the turning of the wheel of birth and death. Matters of bhava-8 are inherently hidden from public view, but matters of bhava-8 are not inherently dangerous or frightening.

The proper perspective on matters of bhava-8 is focused awareness and cautious intervention from a foundation of both Instinct and Skill.

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I, Dr. Asis Kumar Ray, founder President of Bengal Institute of Oriental Studies.

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